keep calm and carry on

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into what makes a good carry on bag for traveling.

I study what other women travel with, observing what seems to work well, and what just doesn’t seem to cut it!

Once I was on a plane with Dr. Christiane Northrup and had a serious case of bag envy. She had a cool red leather bag that I decided was the perfect carry on. I bought one (actually I bought two…one for my sister!) and it was awesome, for awhile, until I decided I had to be able to zip the bag shut to deter potential pickpockets.

My next move was a leather backpack that kept my hands free – but left me feeling way too vulnerable when walking in a city.

Finally, I found the TUMI Voyageur Q tote bag. It’s sturdy, it keeps its shape when I set it down, it has lots of pockets AND it has a zipper that seals everything in. This one is a winner!



4 thoughts on “keep calm and carry on

  1. whatimdoingthesedays

    I was obsessed with carry on bags too! I finally got my Longchamps weekender which is expandable (I think that’s a plus, my husband thinks it’s a flaw)! But it doesn’t have all the pockets that your Tumi bag has…



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