seasonal eating

I love eating what is in season. It’s not actually a new concept, even though some locavores think they have discovered a new, local food trend. Before refrigeration and global trading – and when most of us still had a direct connection to agriculture — farmers ate what they grew and raised. And bartered for the rest.

We grew up on a hobby farm. We had a little bit of everything – chickens, beef cows, pigs, sheep, maple syrup, golden retrievers…and always a huge vegetable garden. We ate corn and tomatoes when they were fresh from the field in summer. And packed away potatoes and carrots in dirt-filled burlap bags to preserve them throughout the winter to add to soups and stews and nestle in beside roast beef from our own animals.

In the fall, we would press fresh apple cider on the drive floor of our bank barn. I can still smell it. The “seconds” apples went in the press. The best went in the apple pie.

I made one today, from The New Best Recipe — a great cookbook from the folks who produce Cooks Illustrated magazine.

Fall just might be my favourite cooking month.



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