infinity scarf

Last winter sucked. We had a gazillion inches of snow and record low temperatures.

Somewhere I came across the pattern for my favourite things infinity scarf on Ravelry, a knitting website. It was the perfect answer for what to do during yet another blizzard.

I spent most of January in front of the fire knitting my scarf. I finished it and my Saturday morning walking partner wanted one to keep her warm and colourful too. So I made one for her.

Then a fellow potter really liked the designs and colours, so I just finished hers and will trade her a scarf for some mugs.

I decided I would start another one today since it’s going to be dark by 4 pm.

This one is for my sister…but don’t tell her!



5 thoughts on “infinity scarf

  1. Karen L

    When people ask if I can knit, I reply: ‘yes, but only scarves.’ I definitely couldn’t knit that one though! Wow, it is gorgeous!


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