simmering soups

I love when it gets cool enough for sweaters, socks, scarves…and soup. Here are a few that we’re whipping together these days.

Martha Stewart’s lentil soup is a new favourite of mine. And I would never have crossed the street for lentils, until this recipe. Must be the bacon (nastier than ever if you believe the WHO, but still delicious). I often just use a can of cooked lentils to save time, with no compromise on the flavour.

Squash, curry and apples in any combination make a great harvest soup. I often bake acorn squash first, then saute onions, chunks of apple and curry. Then add in chicken stock and the baked squash – simmer for a while then blend altogether with a mixer. And adjust seasoning.

This Epicurious mushroom barley soup is one of my sister’s favourites. It’s easy, hearty and the little hint of sherry makes a big difference.

And we both regularly roast whatever veggies are in the frig, in a little olive oil and any season you like. And after the first feed in roasted form, we simmer the leftovers in stock til everything is softened up and melded together. Then puree and tweak the seasoning. I often add a little cream and my staple seasoning (see last line). The flavour is never the same, but always delicious.

Whatever soup I’m making, some combination of white wine, lemon juice and feta topping finds its way into every pot and serving.



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