fitbit friend or foe

It started with the Fitbit I bought our son for his birthday to help motivate him to get up from his desk at work and move during the day.

Next I suggested my husband might benefit from the wrist pedometer telling him how many daily steps he had taken and calculating how much sleep he had each night. I thought the Fitbit could give him cold, hard data about how little sleep he gets and deliver it in a better way than I do!

Before I knew it, just about everyone in our extended family had a Fitbit and we were all fitbit friends, meaning we could see how many steps everyone had taken and have a friendly competition.

The goal is 10,000 steps per day and some days that is easier to achieve than others. In my first week wearing the Fitbit, I looked at my wrist one evening and realized I was only at 9,000 steps so I became super-helpful-wife and offered to run around getting things for my husband to increase my steps. When he figured out what I was doing, he became super-helpful-husband and we practically tripped over each other trying to get more steps!

Eventually we settled into walking the dog together at the end of the day. That way we both get the steps, the dog gets exercise and we can catch up about our day. One night we were holding hands while walking until we realized that if we weren’t moving our wrists – the Fitbit wouldn’t track our steps! That was the end of hand holding.

I’ve been wearing the Fitbit for several months now and I like the awareness it provides me. It helps give me that extra push to walk the dog a second time or to run up stairs because I want the activity.

I am definitely a fitbit fan…

and so is our dog!



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