two-minute travel

I love to plan trips. The anticipation gets the vacation started for me months before the actual departure date.

I have my go-to sources to check out a new city ahead of time.

Friends often ask me for ideas on destinations they’re headed to. Even if it’s a place I’ve never been to, I have a two-minute travel planning process to get the ball rolling. Just the other day my colleague asked me for recommendations for Stockholm. I have never been but in two minutes, I had three links to share with her.

Start with the NY Times feature, 36 Hours in….I inserted Stockholm. It is a great place to start.

Then I head to Travel & Leisure or Conde Nast and type in the city. In this case, I found an article on new bakeries in Stockholm which totally appealed to my colleague!

Most cities have a walking tour so I find a few online and read the reviews to see if it sounds worth it. I have done tours in Oxford, Washington DC, Portland OR & Chicago and really enjoyed the perspective. Another option is to download a podcast for a self-guided tour.

And all that takes me about two minutes and gives me a great place to start, plenty to read, and lots to anticipate!



4 thoughts on “two-minute travel

  1. Patricia Hamilton

    Heather , I spotted it on Marilyn’s wrist and want one. Where in Guelph do you think I could buy one?. I will soon be running out of wrist’s with Life Line on one and a fitbit on the other which would mean no watch , so I would be measuring my day in steps taken rather than minutes – a totally different landscape. Patricia


  2. Patricia Hamilton

    I think the planning is almost better than the trip. I have no intention of going across the pond anymore but fantasize about it by looking at trips to , especially the Cotswolds. Your Mom is going to join me in Victoria in early April. Am I not lucky???? xo Patricia



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