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Grandma taught all the girls in the family to knit. One of our brothers also learned – but from an ingenious grade-school teacher in the 1970s.

Grandma was a knitting machine. She knit fast. She walked fast. No flies on her.

I started on scarves. Did a few Barbie doll sleeping bags. And even tackled a fair isle sweater for a high school beau. When my inexperience carrying a second colour meant he couldn’t fit it over his head…Grandma fixed it (I have no idea how) in a heartbeat.

The knitting DNA kicked in somewhere in my 30s. Grandma was gone and we had to figure out how to turn a heel on a sock, and knit together a sweater.

This season’s project involves delicious Brooklyn Tweed. Grandma would never have paid this much for yarn. But I think she’d approve of my technique.


2 thoughts on “k1 p2

  1. Deborah Sloane

    I’ll give it a try but it looks a bit complicated for a beg/int knitter! I just taught Sarah how to knit this past August and she’s become a knitting machine! Perhaps she’ll be able to help me!



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