watch me

My first watch was a Timex. It had a rectangular face and blue faux leather straps. I thought I was pretty cool in grade school.

My first job after high school, before I started university, had a clear, defined purpose. I wanted to save up enough money to buy my first swanky, adult watch. It was $200 and I shoveled poultry poop at a university lab for months so I could invest in, what I thought, was a pretty handsome status symbol on my wrist.

That was probably the start of my little obsession with time pieces.

When I travel, it is often watches that I seek out. I have a red leather Mondaine that I bought in Geneva. A Raymond Weil gift for my 50th. And two cool Swatch watches from a little shop in Santa Margherita where the staff only spoke Italian…there was lots of pointing and smiling.

I was at a conference recently, and Jason Dorsey made a presentation about the differences between the generations, in the workplace. It’s a hot topic as there are now more generations working in one place than ever before. And apparently, we’re different! He was kidding the audience about some of the differences between baby boomers and millenials. Apparently, millenials never wear watches.More cool time pieces for the rest of us.


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