stitch fix


Stitch Fix is so fun, and sorry Canadian readers—it is not yet available across the border, much to my sister’s dismay. She only gets to see the selfies I send her of my new outfits.

What is it?! It’s a personal shopper who sends you five pieces of clothing whenever you ask them to. You fill out a style profile on line, select the amount you are willing to spend and then pick a date to receive your shipment.

It costs $20 for a ‘fix’ but if you purchase anything, the $20 goes towards your purchase. Once the package arrives, you have three days to decide what you are keeping. Whatever you don’t like gets shipped back in the prepaid envelope! So simple. Plus it comes with pictures of what to wear with the piece they sent you, for those of us who need a little help!

I am not a very patient shopper so this is perfect for me. Plus, I try things I would never even glance at on a rack.

If you want to give it a try click here for my referral code.


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