come over for coffee

What coffee ritual did you grow up with?

We had a 16 cup perc coffee maker that simmered on the stove all day long.

Maybe those early days of gut rot caffeine explain my love/obsession for a great cup of java, and the entire process that comes with making it.

First, there is choosing the method. French press – Frieling is my new favourite. Melitta Individual cup drip with at least two big scoops of ground coffee per cup. Or espresso.

The cup. I love little mugs. My favourites are the one my sister made.

The addition. Always cream. Milk makes it look like mud. Unless it is frothed up in one of these frothers. And the first cup of the day is always better with some crumbled maple sugar.

And when it is all fixed up, I let it sit until it’s just the right temperature.


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