fits like a glove

I love a good pair of gloves, especially ones I’ve owned for awhile that fit perfectly and mold right to my hand.

I bought a pair in Rome at a little shop on a side street. It was a small store with boxes of gloves and ties from floor to ceiling. Behind the counter was an older woman who looked like she had just stepped out of the kitchen.

She had me place my elbow on a circular cushion with a dent in the middle and turn my hand around like I was the Queen. She studied me for a moment and then announced what size I would wear. Of course she was right. I slid my hand into the buttery leather gloves, lined with cashmere and declared my love for them!

Never mind that I saw a similar pair at a local off-price department store when I got home for a third of the price! I bought those ones for my sister and smile when I wear my expensive gloves from Rome. Take a look at Sermoneta Gloves for some eye candy.



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