fitbit revisited

We both received an email from Fitbit last week with our year end summary. Between the two of us we covered 3,476,978 steps or about 1500 miles since July! According to Fitbit, Canadians take more average total steps…what’s up with that?!


It’s been six months since we started wearing our Fitbits, so we thought it would be a good time to update you about our thoughts. We first blogged about them in November and have both been very consistent with wearing them. Here’s what we have learned:

If you have a desk job, you will hit about 5000 steps a day but not much more if you don’t take a walk. And it is easy to get lazy when it is dark, when the dog walker already tuckered out the canine.

Weekends are easy to hit the target.

You can hit 10,000 steps a day but not really raise your heart rate. Setting aside time for a brisk walk will not only get you steps but also challenge your heart.

The sleep information is pretty interesting. I’ve learned that I actually manage fine on less sleep than I always thought I needed.






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