sharing food

There are so many times when bringing food to someone is the perfect gesture. And when you like to cook, it is an easy thing to offer up when there is a new baby, an illness, a new house, or maybe you are just visiting your kids and want to bring them their favourite meal. Certain foods lend themselves to sharing. They need to travel well and be easy to reheat.

A few months ago I went a little over-the-top and made individual chicken pot pies for my sons. They were beautiful and delicious, but a ridiculous amount of work. Not doing that again.

Recently I made lasagna to deliver to a friend. I have followed the Moosewood recipe forever with a few modifications. I add pesto to the ricotta mixture and saute a combination of spinach and mushrooms to layer between the noodles. Using no-cook or fresh lasagna noodles is a game changer. I remember the days of draping the cooked noodles over the edge of the pot til I needed them, what a pain!

And check out these meatballs for a great sharing treat – they simmer right in the tomato sauce for amazing flavour.





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