the soil is alive

I gave myself a week or so to get used to the spring forward time. And now, it feels like this fantastic transitional time of year. The darker mornings aren’t great, but after work I actually want to walk the dog. And I’ve noticed as we do our loop around the neighbourhood, I’m walking taller and happier. Could be the years of yoga, regular massages and weekly trainer…but I’m going to give the spring season the credit.

And although I wouldn’t really call myself a gardener…I completely understand the itching to get your fingers in the dirt and start digging and planning and scheming about what will grow this year. For me, it starts with cleaning up the dog poop that has been aging under the snow all winter! But after that’s done, I’m actually thinking (like I do every spring) about what I might, possibly, maybe do in the garden and yard this year.

So step outside. Take a deep breath (or three) and soak up all the new sunshine and warmer weather headed our way. And enjoying what is springing up in the soil.

Happy vernal equinox!


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