foraging for ramps

Well, I call them wild leeks, but you might know them as ramps or Allium tricoccum. Pungent deliciousness that mother nature offers up in the spring as one of the first wild edibles, wild leeks bring a strong flavour that mixes onion and garlic in a powerhouse bulb about the size of green onion.


For years on early spring hikes, I’d try and dig them up with my fingers. I’m (slowly) learning to be a smarter, better equipped forager. I packed a garden trowel for my hike this past weekend, returning to a route where I’d seen leeks last year.

I harvested a healthful handful. And that’s an accomplishment. They don’t dig up very easily. They love wooded areas, often snuggling in against downed tree limbs, with roots that run deep into a hearty layer of decaying leaves.

I’ll be turning this bunch into something like this (wild) leek and potato soup.



3 thoughts on “foraging for ramps

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