patterns worth repeating

There is something so appealing about patterns. Repeating ones in particular. It doesn’t even really matter what the subject is. Tiles on a floor. Flower pots in a row. Mugs lined up on the shelf. Bricks on the garden path. Jars of just made jam on the counter.

Some patterns help us organize and order things. I am glad somebody came up with standard ways to file and arrange projects or clients in a system that can be easily shared – by name, by year or some other clearly identifiable category. To my brain, it is logical and takes the guesswork out of coming up with a new system every time you have something to store and save.

But creative patterns are something else. The order of these patterns taps into something much less orderly — creativity. Odd numbers of patterns are even more interesting. That’s why there are five pots of lavender on my deck, and not four. And three evergreens growing in the corner of my backyard instead of two.


I am not going to spend any time wondering or worrying that this love of patterns is some latent need for more order in my life. I’m going to go with the creativity that patterns unleash when my eye is behind the camera or my sketching pen is in hand.

And if you are looking for beautiful little books, full of delicious watercolours that include many repeating patterns, check out Sara Midda’s work.



4 thoughts on “patterns worth repeating

  1. TchaTcha

    It speaks to me! As someone years ago said to me:” nothing in life in symmetrical”. This was in St Lucia as he was putting my second earring holes in. He was a little tipsy at the time but none-the-less correct.



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