farming the market

We grew up with a huge vegetable garden. As a kid, it was great to be able to walk out and steal a carrot or pick fresh beans or peas off the vine. I could have done without the weeding required when your farm garden is the size of an average urban house lot.

Now that I live in a city, I could join the growing popularity of urban gardeners and backyard chickens. But I’d much rather make the trek to the local farmers’ market and shop from the source, supporting those that make their livelihood on the land.

I love seasonal markets the most. It connects you to what’s in season and available – a great contrast from a big grocery store.


This past weekend was about greens – baby kale, green onion, parsley and cucumbers. Plus mushrooms, fresh honey and locally-baked bread. Local strawberries and peas are ready…I just didn’t get up earlier enough to get them. Maybe next week.

This is a great time of year to look for a local market in your area.




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