salmon for dinner, again

I really don’t get tired of salmon for dinner and enjoy the search for more ways to prepare it. This week I tried a recipe from the NYTimes called Salmon and Tomatoes in Foil. It was incredibly simple and fun to make individual packets wrapped in foil.

I cooked two-1/2 lb pieces of salmon by putting olive oil on some foil, then the salmon, followed by some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, salt & pepper and then another splash of olive oil. I sealed up the packets and placed them in a pan and followed the instructions for 10-12 minutes at 500 degrees. The only problem was they weren’t quite done and it’s a pain to open up the foil and realize it’s not fully cooked! Other than that, it was delicious and as the recipe states—the possibilities for food combinations are endless.

I made the kale-apple-carrot salad my sister wrote about last week, opened some white wine and together with the salmon had a delicious summer dinner!


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