friday favourite – chocolate milk

It used to be a novelty in our house. No name chocolate powder added to a big glass of milk alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. After blowing bubbles in the glass to the almost spilling point, you’d slurp it down…only to find much of the chocolate powder out of suspension in the bottom of the glass.

Reminds me of the final view in my mug of French press coffee – the good strong sludge that settles at the bottom!

2016-07-19 08.51.20

Anyhow, chocolate milk is back on our grocery list and in our fridge. It’s got all the perfect ingredients for a Friday favourite. Refreshing (check). Made with 1% milk (check). Filling appetizer before dinner (check). Great natural source of bone-strengthening calcium (check). Delicious (check).

Cheers to the brown cow!


6 thoughts on “friday favourite – chocolate milk

  1. Liz

    Ben’s favorite too. (Or should I say favoUrite.) You must be related! For a while, the promise of farm fresh chocolate milk was the only reason he joined me at the farmers market.


  2. acc

    chocolate milk was such a treat when i was growing up. it came in wide-mouthed individual glass bottles and i remember the feel of the condensation on the outside of the bottle as i drank it. I’ve tried it a few times since but it never tasted quite the same…


  3. Patricia

    When Crawford was little we convinced him (temporarily) that chocolate milk came from brown cows!
    One of my favourite treats too.



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