It’s August and tomatoes are plentiful. Perfect time for gazpacho. I usually just throw things in the blender when I make this delicious cold soup but decided to look up some recipes for our readers!

I started with Ina Garten’s gazpacho but was surprised by the quantity of olive oil and vinegar (1/2 cup each) so I moved on to the NYTimes recipe. This recipe had no peppers, less vinegar but just as much olive oil — and you strain it at the end. I had never done that but tried it with this batch. I also included the gazpacho recipe from Epicurious which is a reasonable hybrid of Ina Garten and the NYTimes.

The bottom line is you really can’t go wrong! Throw some ripe tomatoes in a blender, add some cucumbers and maybe peppers, garlic, salt, oil, vinegar and some tomato juice. Blend until smooth, season to taste, chill several hours. You can top it with sour cream or croutons or fresh herbs. Perfect for an August lunch.




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