in the event of…

I recently read an article in the financial section of the paper that talked about creating a document entitled In The Event of…

It sounded like a good idea, and though it doesn’t really fit with our blog title of Stuff We Love, I think it could be a sub category of Stuff We Think is Important!

It’s simple. Create a document that makes it easy for your family to access your stuff in the event of…well, I won’t type it but you know what I’m talking about. By stuff I mean bank accounts, passwords to your Facebook account, your phone, etc. all those things that in the event of…would make it easier for your family to find your stuff.

After you create the initial document, the article suggested updating it once a year, (they did it at tax time), save it on a flash drive, put the drive somewhere safe and delete the original from your computer.

I have started my In The Event Of document, it’s time consuming but also kind’ve fun realizing that I have some odd retirement account from a job 20 years ago that NO ONE would know how to access in the event of

While we are on this unpleasant topic, let me make another suggestion. Buy yourself a Road ID bracelet. It is a simple bracelet that has your name and age and 3 contacts to call in the event of…something lousy happening to you while out running, biking or hiking.

And on that happy note, I will end this post. Wednesday will be a happy food topic.





4 thoughts on “in the event of…

  1. Joan

    So on that note, Canada’s outstanding young farmers, are presenting the “Becasuse I love You List” at their National conference this December. An excellent presentation by 2 young farm wives & mothers, who both unfortunately lost their husbands in farm accidents & had to pick up the pieces of their lives & businesses.



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