friday favourite – canadian thanksgiving

My colleague sent me a link to an article from earlier this week in the NYTimes titled For Canadians, Thanksgiving is a ‘Quieter’ Affair in October.

For all our American readers who aren’t really aware of Canadian Thanksgiving — read the article. It is insightful, but mostly funny.

I sent the article to various family members and my son said he is going to share it with his work colleagues who just don’t understand why he won’t be at work on Columbus Day. His explanation of Canadian Thanksgiving has always been – it’s a harvest holiday – who wants to eat their crops in late November? 

My mom chimed in on the family email exchange with her bit of history and informed us that the First Canadian Thanksgiving took place in 1578 when Martin Frobisher, an English explorer, safely arrived in the new world aka Newfoundland. It was a thanksgiving celebration for a safe arrival but also coincided with the harvest celebration by the indigenous people. 

Whatever the backstory, Canadian Thanksgiving and the NYTimes article are my Friday Favourite. Now I have to go make butter tarts to take to Canada for Thanksgiving!



One thought on “friday favourite – canadian thanksgiving

  1. acc

    Love your son’s description!. But your mom’s comment sounds as if the origins are actually similar, except maybe not as much cultural backlash/revisionism?



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