handbags and purses

I always called it a purse. In New England it is more commonly referred to as a handbag. Whatever you call it, many of us have a thing for them. Unfortunately, when I tire of one bag, I rarely pull it out again and it lives at the bottom of my closet with the other has-beens.

For the last few years I have been all about the  cross-body handbag. It feels more secure and distributes the weight across my shoulders better. I have been using a Baggallini Horizon Crossbody for awhile and like that I can fit my phone and glasses in the two front pockets for easy access and then my wallet fits in the main compartment and not much else!

But…I wanted a crossbody bag that was a little bit smaller for traveling. (This is how it starts and why so many women have a purse/handbag graveyard in their closet!) Baggallini make one that would do the trick but I decided to branch out. I found the perfect bag made by Osgoode Marley. It’s called the Sasha Crossbody and it’s black nylon but has a lime green interior! They make the same bag in leather, it’s called the Horizon Crossbody. I found the bag at a favourite shoe store in Brookline, MA called Simon Shoes.


So now I am all set…until the next handbag steals my heart.



7 thoughts on “handbags and purses

  1. acc

    I’ve been pondering what is the perfect item to keep notes in…and i definitely need room for that in my “bag” (that’s what i call it, and i’m from Long Island (NY that is)). You guys need to do a post on that…notes in your phone? on scraps of paper? a notebook? what size? Likewise calendars.. So many questions…..

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    i know exactly what you mean! I have many “has beens” waiting for another chance!
    I love your new find! Perfect for your next trip!



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