counting cards

We grew up on euchre. A fast game. But bridge. Well, that was something you had to mature into. A strategic form of euchre that involved a lot more counting, and remembering, and counting.

img_2063-2these are some serious, experienced bridge players

I started playing bridge about eight years ago. Among a few hiking friends, we decided that a mental math game might be a way to keep our mind as fit as our physique! One patient soul in the group had been playing since she was 12 or so, and set out to teach four novices how to play bridge.

Do you play the short club? Five card major? Get your kiddies off the street. Strength to the right, weakness to the right. Lead the fourth highest in your longest and strongest.

I don’t pretend to remember what these mean, at least some of the time, or understand the nuance as the cards are skillfully laid down with finessing, ruffing and other things I’ve forgotten…towards the (hopeful) making of the contract. But I love the fact that there will always be something more to learn about this game. I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to play in public with pros who know. But it’s sure fun to spend an evening, or entire weekend or just happy hour, counting cards and having a mysterious conversation in code to try and get close to a slam.



6 thoughts on “counting cards

  1. Deb

    And you’re my patient soul, the person who lit my bridge fire, and, is in my opinion, definitely ready to play in public. Teacher/student- all in the perspective!


  2. whatimdoingthesedays

    I’ve been playing weekly with the same foursome for the last six years. It takes us 2 hours to get through 8 hands because we talk so much. We would get in so much trouble if we were playing publicly! But we have fun!


  3. Karen L

    My Grandma loved to play bridge. She took professional lessons on how to play when she was in her 60s. My Mom (who detests all card games) accompanied her because that’s the type of daughter she is. Grandma was sharp as a tack when she passed two years ago; I credit the cards!



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