shepherd’s pie

The best shepherd’s pie I’ve ever made was built out of the leftovers of a roast beef dinner. With a little chopping, and gravy for flavour, it was a perfect second meal. I just don’t have all that on hand too often. But the cooler weather, and occasional snowflake finally appearing, has me hankering for the comfort of a one-dish, everything-you-need winter meal.

So I made some from scratch this week. It was almost as easy. And the best part was that all the ingredients came from farms near where I live. Even the ground beef is local.

I sauteed a diced onion and large carrot. Set them aside then browned a pound of ground beef. After draining out any extra fat, I added a little flour and tossed it around. Then I put about a cup of beef stock in and let it thicken up. The onion and carrots went back in, along with frozen peas and corn. I seasoned it with various amounts of Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, tomato paste and red wine, as well as salt and pepper.

Once it was nicely melded together. I put it in glass dishes, and topped with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (that had some milk, sour cream and parmesan added in). Then backed it for about 25 minutes at 350F.

Seasonal ingredients transformed into seasonal goodness.



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