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My husband bought me a pen for my recent birthday. Well, he didn’t buy me a pen, he said pick a pen that you would like. He understands that a pen is a very personal purchase. If you read that sentence and went huh? then you might want to stop reading right now! If on the other hand you said to yourself, oh yea, I get it! then read on!

I go through phases with pens. I had a Waterman fountain pen way back and though it was beautiful to look at and write with, it just wasn’t practical for everyday use. I have been a fan of LAMY pens for years, I own several colours of the safari pen and have given it as a gift many times.Lamy_safari_red_216_Ballpoint_pen_140mm_print_eng.png

As for my birthday pen, I ordered the LAMY Studio from Levenger and am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

But the title of this blog post is getting organized, not pens! I love pens because I still love to write with one on real paper. A regular reader of our blog asked us what we use to stay organized which prompted this blog about pens, paper and organization.

My sister, my mother and I have all owned a filofax  datebook for years. I know because I buy us all the refills every fall and hand deliver them at Thanksgiving. My mom carries hers around with her. I keep mine open on my desk and use it faithfully to keep track of appointments. And my sister schleps her back and forth to work everyday. I use my phone to record an appointment when I am out but as soon as I get home, I record it in my filofax.

And then there is Moleskin. They have an amazing assortment of notebooks. I use a 5″ x 8″ for travel and keep key details about a trip in it and carry the notebook in my carry-on. I have a tiny one I keep in the car with information about when I changed the oil or when I replaced the brakes. And I have one I carry in my handbag with any number of things I don’t want to forget…a book to look for at the library, a song I heard that would be good for my spin class, the phone number for the vet…I know I could probably keep all these things on my phone but I like writing things down. And I love the flow of a new pen on a fresh sheet of paper.

Do you organize by paper or digital?


3 thoughts on “getting organized

  1. deb

    I’ve used a Franklin Planner for at least 25 years. My husband used one for his business and personal use and encouraged me to do the same when he noticed dozens of notes taken on various pieces of paper strewn about in our kitchen. However, for the past year or so, I’ve gotten away from handwritten organization and accustomed to keeping track digitally (except for grocery lists for some reason). When I began using my iPad or phone at work, I would come home and record everything in the Franklin for backup, fearing that if the electronic device failed, I’d be screwed!
    I definitely get the search for the perfect pen and after reading this blog, I’m inclined to go back to handwriting- for backup and more! I have begun some writing in my new lovely journal book from the Mercado. Now I need a new pen! It will be a great Hanukkah gift!


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