friday favourite – the cottage

We all heard the story many times growing up that our parents spent their honeymoon installing rafters in the family cottage that was under construction at the time. Didn’t sound like the most romantic way to start a marriage, but the cottage provided lasting memories for us all.


The family cottage was sold years ago, but whenever I’m in the area, I do a drive by and imagine what it would be like to have it back in the family. I know that’s a romantic notion that could bring a host of scheduling and upkeep challenges…but a girl can dream.

The stories that are shared and remembered between the extended family never get old. The fictitious “yik yak” creatures my grandfather made up and told stories about to all the young grandchildren. The endless homemade clay bowls and ashtrays made from daring to go in the ice cold waters of Georgian Bay to collect some fresh clay to mold and dry on the boulders. And the root beer and lime rickey floats, and sugar cereal that awaited us only on vacation.


I’m glad the cottage is still standing and that I can visit it every few years to bring back a rush of great childhood memories. It’s my Friday favourite.



2 thoughts on “friday favourite – the cottage

  1. Wertheimer Betsy

    I just love reading all your “Stuff”. I look forward to a new adventure each time I open the blog. Thanks for sharing. I loved the “pen” sharing. I actually went out and bought myself a high end BIC !



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