pure vanilla extract

I love vanilla. Pure vanilla extract. I use it in baking, in my granola recipe, when making oatmeal and in hot milk. There used to be a Williams and Sonoma Outlet store an hour from me and I would always stock up on vanilla when I made it there. The outlet store closed and I was back to wincing as I paid $20 for a bottle. When we were in Mexico in November I bought a few bottles of vanilla to get me through my holiday baking but was just starting to think about re-stocking. And then in my inbox was Smitten Kitchen with her recipe for making your own vanilla extract. I have never heard of this or even considered it. That same day I received a catalogue from King Arthur Flour advertising a make-your-own-vanilla kit.

With very little research I found a wealth of information about making vanilla extract. I ordered some vanilla beans from Beanilla and followed their recipe.


I sliced open 6 vanilla beans and put them in an 8oz bottle and added 1 cup of vodka. That’s it! I shook it around, wrote the date on it and now wait 6-8 weeks for my vanilla.


I will let you know how it tastes in February!



4 thoughts on “pure vanilla extract

  1. acc

    oh yes, the late lamented Williams Sonoma outlet in Wrentham. I usually buy my vanilla at Costco where you can get a big bottle pretty cheap and fortunately it’s something that lasts… I have never been very successful in getting a good vanilla flavor from things like putting vanilla beans in sugar to make vanilla sugar, or using the seeds, So i’ll be interested in how this turns out!



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