oat crackers

I love oat crackers. Those dry, crumbly, slightly sweet biscuits that taste delicious with cheddar cheese. There is a local brand I discovered in a specialty food store called Effie’s which are delicious but expensive. We have stayed at the London House B&B in Guelph and the owner, Melanie, serves a great oatcake with breakfast and gave me her recipe. I have made it several times and have been perfectly happy with the outcome. The other day I was browsing through the latest Ina Garten cookbook, Cooking for Jeffrey and came upon her recipe for English Oat Crackers. So I made them. They were delicious. Here’s a link to the  recipe – hope you like them!



8 thoughts on “oat crackers

  1. Karen L

    You’ve got me craving these and feeling nostalgic. My great-grandma used to make something similar. She called them oatcakes – no salt on top though and they were cut into rectangles. I can still see her rolling them out. I’m going to give Ina’s version a try. Rolling into a ball and flattening seems a whole lot easier!



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