matzo brei

My husband is Jewish, I’m not and while we don’t keep Passover (when you don’t eat leavened bread), I do make a pretty decent chicken soup with matzo balls.

We hosted a seder this past weekend for Passover, and I had to buy matzo. My grocery store decided not to sell individual boxes this year, so I had to buy 5 – 1lb boxes of matzo! That’s a lot of matzo. I made everyone take some home but there is still a box on the counter.


What do you do with all that matzo? You make matzo brei, a dish of Ashkenazi Jewish origin made from matzo fried with eggs.You don’t really need a recipe, I learned how to make it from my aunt Sondra who soaked the matzo in milk, added brie cheese and fried it in lots of butter. It was delicious. I make it every spring when I want to finish off the box of matzo. I don’t think of it during the year but find myself looking forward to it during Passover.  Here is a recipe from Food Network if you are curious to try it.



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