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It’s not that kind of STD

My sister and I have both been involved in sex ed of sorts – she got paid to do it as a college lecturer and I volunteered at a birth control centre years ago. In that world, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) were something to avoid. But today I came up with another meaning for the acronym…something that might be shared but not nearly as nasty! We’ve both been struggling with it and maybe you have too.

 Seasonal transition disorder.

You know that in between place. You are shedding layers as the warmer weather lurks nearby. But you find some extra layers that settled in over winter that are harder to drop. You wanna get outside but the winter hibernation exhaustion just won’t wake up. And just as you got ready to pass by the root vegetable based comfort food, you aren’t yet inspired to chop that salad every day.

 Here are some of the seasonal transition decisions we have talked about trying.

  1.  Just eat one vegetable instead of making an entire salad. Cut up an entire red pepper. Chop up a cucumber, add a little feta, olive oil and lemon juice. Eat an avocado au naturel.
  2. Change up your routine. Add in some morning stretches before work to warm up your brain and your limbs.
  3. Try something for just 30 minutes…and you might want to do more – like gardening, biking, walking or cleaning.
  4. Write it down. Frustrated with what you are eating or how to get more active? Keeping track of what you eat and your activities might shed some light on patterns you could tweak.

 Most of all…hang in there. When summer really arrives, the outdoor living will motivate you (us!) to eat more grilled, in season veggies, and walk and move more during the longer daylight hours.


rhubarb muffins

I love seasonal food that’s only really, truly fresh and local for a few weeks of the year. Probably something to do with the memories of picking and eating fresh-from-the-large-farm-garden we had growing up.

It’s rhubarb’s time. And I just made some whole wheat rhubarb streusel muffins, thanks to a Smitten Kitchen recipe. I used plain yogurt instead of sour cream, and added some ground flax seed to the streusel.

My new non-stick muffin tin is something I should have upgraded to years ago…glad I had it today.

I’ve tried streusel muffins before and the topping always falls off. Learned the trick is less batter and pat down the topping to stick onto the muffin as it rises in the oven.

Perfect recipe for a rainy weekend morning with a coffee and the crossword.




friday favourite – gin (surprise!)

I think it’s been weeks (months even) since I wrote about gin. Oh but warm weather is coming and that means new gin options popping up all over.

I am pretty proud of my gin collection but found a new one this week to add to the lineup. Gin Mare – a Spanish gin that’s “distilled from olives, thyme, rosemary and basil.” Sounds intriguing.

And I got a refresh of Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22 – a local Ontario gin with a grape base.

I’ve been trying different tonic water (finally) and am loving Fever Tree gin – not nearly as sweet as the usual suspects. I have a new tonic to try – Jack’s Tonique, made in Quebec.

Cheers to my international Friday Favourite. Hello. Long. Weekend.


bullet journal

It started with an email from my friend ACC who saw an article in Popular Science about Bullet Journaling and sent me the link with the comment that she thought this was something I would do. Not sure how to interpret that since the subtitle for the article is A Nerd’s Guide to Bullet Journaling, but I won’t get into that today! The title seemed intriguing: How one notebook could replace all the productivity apps that have failed you. Hmmm. I don’t really use productivity apps but I sure like notebooks—moleskin, miquelrius, filofax — so I read the article. I alternated between WHAT? and that sounds appealing. 

I went to Bullet Journal to read more and that’s where I got a little overwhelmed. The site explains that The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less. 

Next I watched the Youtube video showing you how to start your bullet journal. I decided if I need to take notes about how to write a to-do list, this was not for me…but I did like the notebook with little dots…that would be fun to doodle in, sketch, write my grocery list, so I persevered. And I ordered the Leuchtturm Notebook A5 Medium Dotted Navy Blue because who doesn’t need another notebook?!

Then I googled Bullet Journal to get the real story. I found an article on BuzzFeed called WTF Is A Bullet Journal and Why You Should Start One. This is what I needed.

Bullet Journal

The bullet journal system uses a lot of fancy language that makes everything more difficult to understand. Here’s what those terms actually mean:

Bullet journal: a method of note-taking that uses bullet points as the core structure
Index: a table of contents that you update as you go
Daily Log: shit you did and/or need to do today (+ other observations)
Monthly Log: traditional month calendar + shit you need to do that month + shit you forgot to do last month
Rapid Logging: symbols that help you get that shit done
Future Log: year-at-a-glance calendar where you put events, goals, and long-term shit you need to do

So, it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I am going to crack open my new Leuchtturm notebook and consolidate my notes and lists. I’ll let you know how it goes and please…if you have a bullet journal, let me know because I am really curious if this is worth it!



finding veggies again

Well, it’s not exactly warm spring weather yet, but seems like it’s time to start to find some vegetables and salads again. I don’t know about you, but winter left a few extra pounds hanging around, so I made my first chopped veggie salad of the season to lighten up.

I found a cool mix of grains and lentils from Floating Leaf food company in Manitoba. I cooked up a cup of them. Roasted some fresh local asparagus. Chopped up grape tomatoes, cucumber, green onion and some salami chunks.

Tossed it all with olive oil and lemon juice, salt/pepper and a mitt full of crumbled feta.


friday favourite – the death of my fitbit

R.I.P. fitbit. It was fun while it lasted. We stuck together all day, everyday, except when I took a shower. You made sure MAX got an extra walk so I could hit 10,000 steps daily and stay on top of the list of my fitbit friends. And seeing how much sleep I got was interesting, until it wasn’t anymore. What I learned is that I walk a lot and sleep really well, for the most part. So when my fitbit fell apart, I decided it was time for our relationship to end. Plus the colourful washi tape I used to hold it together didn’t always match my outfit! Thanks fitbit, R.I.P.