friday favourite – TSA instagram

The Transportation Security Administration is an agency of the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States.

Someone within TSA has a sense of humour and developed an instagram account to highlight the amusing things people pack in their bags.

If you have an instagram account, consider following @tsa for a smile!



3 thoughts on “friday favourite – TSA instagram

  1. acc

    i had no idea it was a whole instagram account! the lobster story ended up in the Globe (maybe you saw it) but there was a lot of criticism that the tsa had invaded the traveller’s privacy by publishing the picture….it didn’t seem that bad to me…


    1. stuffwelove123 Post author

      I saw the story in the paper too! The guy who owned the lobster was annoyed that it got so much media since he just wanted to cook it! Apparently it wasn’t wrapped correctly!?



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