friday favourite – Tom’s shoes

Tom’s shoes have been around for awhile, most of us are familiar with the cloth, slipper-like shoes of their early days. Since then, they have expanded to dozens of styles and eyeglasses too. What hasn’t changed is their commitment to giving away one pair of shoes for every pair purchased, a program they call One for One.


Plenty of companies talk about community service but who knows if it actually happens…

A few years ago, we returned to Kabala, Sierra Leone, the town where I taught school 30 years ago with CUSO and met my husband who was in the Peace Corps. We were hiking up the hill in Kabala with Samba, a local student. He was in front of me on the trail and I noticed the Tom’s logo on the back of his shoe. I asked him where he got his shoes. His answer warmed my heart – “Someone came to our school and gave us all new shoes!”

And that’s exactly why Tom’s is our friday favourite!



2 thoughts on “friday favourite – Tom’s shoes

  1. acc

    glad to see you back posting! and nice to know about Tom’s…i too am always skeptical, not to say cynical, about such claims from a business…



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