friday favourite – bombas socks

HAR recently wrote about Tom’s one for one shoe program. And maybe that subconsciously brought up an ad on my Facebook recently for Bombas socks. (I’m in marketing so I know nothing is really subconscious or subtle about online marketing, but I’m getting off track…).

I read the story of their socks and the buy one, donate one approach. I had already heard the fact they quote on their site about the tremendously unfilled need for good socks at drop-in centres, shelters and other programs. And I really like the work they put into designing the socks they donate — “we engineered a sock to specifically meet the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of putting on a clean pair of socks every.”

And now that they ship to Canada I ordered a few pairs…which means they donated a few more pairs. As I was browsing through their online store, something about the colours and patterns started to look very familiar. Turns out, HAR had bought me a pair of Bombas athletic ankle socks last year for Christmas!

So…I discovered them again…and that’s why gifts that do more like Bombas are my Friday favourite.



3 thoughts on “friday favourite – bombas socks

  1. Peggy

    Good tip, Jane …. I DO love their ads — and I, too, work in MARKETING … which often gets a bad rap … (and often justifiably 🙂



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