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After a week of vacation, I always come home with (albeit brief) renewed energy and new ideas. I was looking for some salad inspiration after returning from a great week of birdwatching and kayaking in Florida. The weather at home is still not really even close to spring like…but I need some roughage and colour in my daily diet.

I tried to remember what I had seen in recipes for bowls – all the parts nicely partitioned in a bowl – waiting to be mixed up into a great salad.

I started with a pile of brown rice, added sweet corn I had frozen last season, a grated carrot and a chopped English cucumber. I felt healthy just looking at it! I added in some feta and dressing and it made a great kickstart to getting more of my 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables every day.



My renewed interest in podcasts coincided with upgrading our phone plan to unlimited data. I can now listen on my phone anywhere without going through the steps of downloading the podcast to my computer and then updating my old ipod. (I know, first world problem!)

I have been enjoying Women Who Travel and Travelogue by Conde Nast Travel. And my daughter-in-law-to-be’s mother (thanks Leslie) just sent me a link to the blog Modern Mrs Marcy and her podcast What Should I Read Next? I realized there must be dozens of podcasts about reading so I googled it and came across a link to 25 More Outstanding Podcasts for Readers. I took a quick look at one of the suggestions, Book Club Appetizer and noticed a they had an episode about A Gentleman in Moscow. I am 38% of the way through the book and wasn’t planning to pick it up again except for a friend and former book group member told me to stick with it. (Thanks Eliza) So, I am going to listen to the episode and see if it convinces me to finish the book. I’ll let you know!

What have you been listening to?


snow day in the kitchen

Yesterday was the third snow day in less than two weeks. It’s getting old. The weather forecasters do a pretty decent job of predicting the timing of the storm and amount of snow so I did what everyone else does and stopped at the grocery store in the unlikely event that I would be snowbound for weeks…


…and then spent the day in the kitchen or shoveling!

I sauted onions and garlic for the carrot soup, then bundled up and went outside to shovel a path for the dog. I chopped celery for the curried chicken salad, then cleared another path for the dog. I placed my sourdough bread in the pan for the second rise, then went back outside to fight the losing battle of clearing blowing snow.





The snow is still coming down but we have carrot soup with cumin, curried chicken salad, sourdough spelt bread and a roaring fire. Let it snow!




We love trails of all types. There are the outdoor ones that involve hiking and reading maps. And then there are the other types of trails – the ones that have you following a theme. Like butter tarts or gin. They all require map reading, with the payoff of a great vista, a great pastry or a great cocktail.

Between us, we’ve hiked the Bruce Trail, Cinque Terre, Mt Kuchumaa, Mt Wachusett and countless other trails.


We’ve made and eaten our share of homemade butter tarts.


And now, we’re eyeing up a Gin Trail trip to Scotland. After all, I only have two Scottish gins in my gin collection – The Botanist and Hendrick’s – so it must be time to spread my taste buds to some new botanical combinations. Doesn’t hurt at all that there’s a stop on Shetland.



breaking out of the slumps

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front the last few weeks. I doubt we’re alone in this slight slump. Anybody else feeling it? That winter-is-almost-over, longer-days-are-almost-here kinda thing.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to try and haul our sorry butts out of the winter doldrums.

  1. Take a gentle yoga class.
  2. Take a drive and look for migrating swans and ducks.
  3. Fake it and make a summer salad full of grated veggies.
  4. Give yourself a day (or two) on the couch to just watch mindless stuff.
  5. Sign up for an online course.
  6. Keep moving.

More soon. We promise.