friday favourite – packing cubes

I am always looking for ways to make my travel more streamlined.

I use a clear carry-on kit from Flight 001 that makes it really easy to find my liquids and gels in my bag and get through security at the airport.

I have a clear zipper pouch from the drugstore that I use for all my charging cables.

And now, I have packing cubes!

A fellow traveler introduced me to them as a way to keep her clothing organized.  I met her on my recent safari trip to Botswana where we had to use a soft-sided bag because they needed to be able to squish our luggage into a small airplane! The packing cubes kept the contents of her bag slightly more protected and made unpacking much easier.

On my recent trip to Guelph, CJR and I were browsing the local travel store and saw Eagle Creek packing cubes on display. We each bought the medium cubes, they only weigh 1 oz each and are made of a poly micro-weave mesh. They have a handle on top, are water repellent and washable. What more could you ask for?!

I am heading to the Azores and I’m excited to give the bags a test run. I’ll let you know if they live up to my expectations!



5 thoughts on “friday favourite – packing cubes

  1. Patricia

    I bought Eagle Creek packs (the three-size set plus an extra) before I went to Norway–and loved them. Everything stayed much more organized–bottoms in one, tops in another, socks & undies in another. I did two weeks away with only carry-on, partly thanks to the cubes (and to washing out stuff in the sink at night).


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