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friday favourite – san fran gin

So, I coulda, shoulda, woulda been in San Francisco this week with friends. But I stayed home and worked. Blah!

In my absence, my friends took up the challenge to visit White Chapel Gin Bar –  which boasts the largest gin selection in North America. So, while I couldn’t be there, they did ask for my recommendations from the website menu.

Oh my. Names like Lamplighter Story, Norman Conquest, Hippie Wallbanger, The Ginger Rogers and Follow That Black Rabbit.

So many gins. So far away.

I quickly sent some of the cocktail concoctions that caught my eye…and share this with you as my Friday favourite.


friday favourite – bananagrams

Three days a week I run a conversation class for English Language Learners at our local community college. The students have already spent three hours in English class and join me for another two hours of conversation and writing practice.

They show up in class, eager to learn, but weary. It’s very tiring to focus and concentrate on another language for several hours. I do my best to make it ‘fun’ and relevant. We’ve played Bingo using world capitals, we’ve written postcards, we have talked about marriage customs and school uniforms and middle names.

But the most enthusiasm I have had so far was when I pulled Bananagrams from my bag. No one had played the game. I dumped out the tiles and explained we needed to turn the tiles over so we couldn’t see the letters. Blanca turned them over, Afsaneh turned them back up so we could see the letters! Once we sorted that out, we played. They made terrific words, really concentrated and kept asking to play one more time!

Bananagrams is my friday favourite!



friday favourite – gin (surprise!)

I think it’s been weeks (months even) since I wrote about gin. Oh but warm weather is coming and that means new gin options popping up all over.

I am pretty proud of my gin collection but found a new one this week to add to the lineup. Gin Mare – a Spanish gin that’s “distilled from olives, thyme, rosemary and basil.” Sounds intriguing.

And I got a refresh of Dillon’s Unfiltered Gin 22 – a local Ontario gin with a grape base.

I’ve been trying different tonic water (finally) and am loving Fever Tree gin – not nearly as sweet as the usual suspects. I have a new tonic to try – Jack’s Tonique, made in Quebec.

Cheers to my international Friday Favourite. Hello. Long. Weekend.


friday favourite – the death of my fitbit

R.I.P. fitbit. It was fun while it lasted. We stuck together all day, everyday, except when I took a shower. You made sure MAX got an extra walk so I could hit 10,000 steps daily and stay on top of the list of my fitbit friends. And seeing how much sleep I got was interesting, until it wasn’t anymore. What I learned is that I walk a lot and sleep really well, for the most part. So when my fitbit fell apart, I decided it was time for our relationship to end. Plus the colourful washi tape I used to hold it together didn’t always match my outfit! Thanks fitbit, R.I.P.



friday favourite – black and white

Every time I go clothes shopping, a common refrain runs through my head…”try adding some colour.” Do you ever hear those same voices?

What my sister and I have discovered/accepted/embraced over the years is that black and white works. There is the occasional blue or green or shades of grey…but we are sticking with what works. And adding the colour in with jewelry, scarves and maybe even brighter lipstick (when we really live on the edge!).

I discovered Katrina’s Kloset, thanks to my friend Jeanine. She knows my wardrobe well because when she saw a black and white striped top on the mannequin – she thought of me.

So I got the black and white striped one, and a few more variations on the black with white, or white with black theme – and two black sweaters too.

Here’s my lineup of Friday Favourites…mostly thanks to Canadian-designer Joseph Ribkoff.