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friday favourite – a tasty school fundraiser

How many boxes of waxy chocolate covered almonds and flimsy wrapping paper have you bought over the years…to support somebody’s school? Finally…a school fundraiser that’s tasty, healthy and supports local farmers.

This is the second year I’ve bought Fresh from the Farm – the yummiest way to support the whole community. There is a box of apples, and bags of sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes and carrots. And perfect timing for some hearty winter stew. A definite Friday favourite.



friday favourite – A United Kingdom

I saw a preview for the movie A United Kingdom months ago and made a mental note to watch it sometime since it was about Africa. Then I forgot about it. While on my recent safari trip someone mentioned the movie and the fact that it was about Botswana. I had browsed Netflix for movies about Botswana before the trip but somehow this didn’t pop up. I watched it this week. It’s slow but it’s based on a true story and explains the beginning of independence for Botswana from Britain. Prince Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland (now Botswana) was studying law in Britain in the 1940s when he met Ruth Williams, a white British clerk. They married and received disapproval from all sides but persevered. (You can read more in the book A Marriage of Inconvenience by Michael Dutfield.)

Seretse Khama went on to become the first democratically elected President of the independent Botswana in 1966 and his son is the current President. It’s not gripping drama but it’s interesting history and would make for great viewing on some cold December night on the couch. It’s my friday favourite.



friday favourite – sundowners

A sundowner (when you are on safari) means stop what you are doing, set up a bar with the best view of the sunset and have a cocktail! Having just returned from the most amazing trip on safari in Botswana, sundowners are my new friday favourite!

This first G&T was on a boat on the Zambezi River, near Victoria Falls, watching hippos.


The next one was on the Boteti River watching elephants splash.


This ‘bush’ bar magically appeared after a canoe ride in the Okavango Delta!


And this one was overlooking the Chobe River, at Chobe Game Lodge!



friday favourite – bombas socks

HAR recently wrote about Tom’s one for one shoe program. And maybe that subconsciously brought up an ad on my Facebook recently for Bombas socks. (I’m in marketing so I know nothing is really subconscious or subtle about online marketing, but I’m getting off track…).

I read the story of their socks and the buy one, donate one approach. I had already heard the fact they quote on their site about the tremendously unfilled need for good socks at drop-in centres, shelters and other programs. And I really like the work they put into designing the socks they donate — “we engineered a sock to specifically meet the needs of people who don’t have the luxury of putting on a clean pair of socks every.”

And now that they ship to Canada I ordered a few pairs…which means they donated a few more pairs. As I was browsing through their online store, something about the colours and patterns started to look very familiar. Turns out, HAR had bought me a pair of Bombas athletic ankle socks last year for Christmas!

So…I discovered them again…and that’s why gifts that do more like Bombas are my Friday favourite.



friday favourite – spelt flour

It’s a funny word to say, spelt. In fact, it sounds like you are just lazy and can’t say spelled but it’s not the same, trust me!

Spelt is an ancient, easily digestible grain that is high in protein and has a nutty, complex flavour that’s sweeter and lighter than whole wheat. Spelt is also known as dinkle wheat but I can’t imagine saying here, try my dinkle bread so I will stick with spelt!

I have been experimenting with spelt flour, substituting it for whole wheat in my sourdough bread. I am loving the flavour. Just like the description above, it’s lighter than whole wheat but tastes like a hearty whole grain bread.


I’m happy to make you a loaf of my Friday favourite if you live nearby…


friday favourite – Tom’s shoes

Tom’s shoes have been around for awhile, most of us are familiar with the cloth, slipper-like shoes of their early days. Since then, they have expanded to dozens of styles and eyeglasses too. What hasn’t changed is their commitment to giving away one pair of shoes for every pair purchased, a program they call One for One.


Plenty of companies talk about community service but who knows if it actually happens…

A few years ago, we returned to Kabala, Sierra Leone, the town where I taught school 30 years ago with CUSO and met my husband who was in the Peace Corps. We were hiking up the hill in Kabala with Samba, a local student. He was in front of me on the trail and I noticed the Tom’s logo on the back of his shoe. I asked him where he got his shoes. His answer warmed my heart – “Someone came to our school and gave us all new shoes!”

And that’s exactly why Tom’s is our friday favourite!



friday favourite – lavender

Apparently, I love all things lavender. Judging by all the great stuff I bought at a recent tour to this gorgeous local farm – Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery. It didn’t even all fit in the photo – lavender infused Epson salts, lavender infused maple syrup, lavender soy candle…and then the lavender soap, dessert wine, salt mix and the other wine.

Sigh. I feel more relaxed and refreshed just looking at all this Friday favourite stuff.