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friday favourite – grandma’s slippers 2.0

These are so quick and easy, each slipper is the equivalent of one episode of whatever you are bingeing on with Netflix! They are a custom order for a friend of mine. Her adult children were nostalgic for the slippers their grandmother used to make for them. We went to our local yarn store and selected colours for each of her daughters. And then I knit them. It took a week and I binged on Fauda, a drama about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — the more intense the drama, the faster I knit!IMG_3167Then I had some fun arranging the slippers for a photo shoot!IMG_3176IMG_3177Creativity comes in many forms!


grandma’s slippers

Did you have a pair of slippers that your grandma made you sometime in the 60s? Chunky, usually made of washable acrylic yarn and with an easy garter stitch pattern…slippers

They are back in vogue in a retro kinda way. A friend of mine showed me a pair her mother-in-law had made and said her kids were nostalgic for them…she wondered if I could re-create the slippers.

It took about three minutes to find dozens of patterns on-line! And in about an hour I made a sample slipper to show her, using up left-over yarn.fullsizeoutput_a3bdI found instructions and a youtube video by someone called Crafty Patti in case you want to take a trip down memory lane, make a pair and keep your feet warm in the winter. I’m going to make myself a pair and I just might re-create the hot pink pair Grandma made me — complete with pom-poms!



pussyhat project

Saturday January 21st is the Women’s March on Washington, the day after the inauguration.

“The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.”

A friend sent me a link to the Pussyhat Project. It’s a grassroots project with a mission to provide the people at the Women’s March with a unique, collective visual statement – pink hats that look like pussy ears! Check out the link, the pattern for the hat is provided. If you are a knitter, they are asking you to make a hat or two and send them for people to wear as they march. I have several friends going to the march and I think I can make one or two in time for them to wear them.


I just finished one for myself to wear this winter. Anyone want to join me? Send us a picture of you wearing your pussyhat and we will post it on the blog!



handmade socks

So I am taking a break from clay and getting back to knitting. A perfect summer project is handmade socks. They aren’t too hot to have sitting in your lap and it’s an easy thing to take in the car on road trips.

I know you can find hundreds of options for free patterns online but I stand by my Ann Norling pattern for socks. It will cost you a few dollars for the pattern but it’s worth it. Between my sister and myself, we have probably made 50 pairs of socks using the pattern. Our paternal grandmother was a knitter and always had a pair on the go. Her socks were the only ones our dad wore. I have made quite a few pairs for my sons and they seem to enjoy them too!

I decided to make a pair for my too-cool-for-school nephews from LA. They have been everywhere, have everything, need nothing. I really wasn’t too sure how a pair of brightly coloured,  handmade socks would go over. They are both reluctantly heading to sleep-away camp so I told them the socks were magic—they would drive away insects and homesickness and keep them warm at night. Let’s hope they work!



a quick hat update

A few weeks ago I wrote about a quick hat I made and offered to make one for any one who was interested. I knit three of them and shipped them off to CA, NYC and Ontario!IMG_3246_2

The only ‘payment’ was a picture of the recipient wearing the hat! Here they are, including a sketch by Leslie in CA. Hats off (or on) to them!


 Nadine in Ontario, Tessa in NYC and Leslie in CA.


a quick hat

This is a quick hat to make that I knit in a couple of days from a pattern on Ravelry, a knitting website.

The pattern is called Baa-ble Hat and is an easy fair isle pattern which is knitting-speak for carrying more than one colour to form a pattern – in this case, a row of sheep! It was so quick I think I will knit a few more. Let me know if you want one and I will make you one if you let us post a picture of you wearing it!


k1 p2

Grandma taught all the girls in the family to knit. One of our brothers also learned – but from an ingenious grade-school teacher in the 1970s.

Grandma was a knitting machine. She knit fast. She walked fast. No flies on her.

I started on scarves. Did a few Barbie doll sleeping bags. And even tackled a fair isle sweater for a high school beau. When my inexperience carrying a second colour meant he couldn’t fit it over his head…Grandma fixed it (I have no idea how) in a heartbeat.

The knitting DNA kicked in somewhere in my 30s. Grandma was gone and we had to figure out how to turn a heel on a sock, and knit together a sweater.

This season’s project involves delicious Brooklyn Tweed. Grandma would never have paid this much for yarn. But I think she’d approve of my technique.


infinity scarf

Last winter sucked. We had a gazillion inches of snow and record low temperatures.

Somewhere I came across the pattern for my favourite things infinity scarf on Ravelry, a knitting website. It was the perfect answer for what to do during yet another blizzard.

I spent most of January in front of the fire knitting my scarf. I finished it and my Saturday morning walking partner wanted one to keep her warm and colourful too. So I made one for her.

Then a fellow potter really liked the designs and colours, so I just finished hers and will trade her a scarf for some mugs.

I decided I would start another one today since it’s going to be dark by 4 pm.

This one is for my sister…but don’t tell her!