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getting back at it

We’ve been on a bit of an unplanned blog hiatus (blogatus?). We didn’t make a conscious decision. It just happened. Neither of us sent our usual “hey check out my draft on slippers” and the other didn’t sent a “what the heck should we write about next week?”

Life was happening all around us. As it does. And that took much of our time, attention and energy.

When we first starting blogging, I brought my marketing/advertising get-shit-done-on-your-to-do-list and of-course-we-can-blog-three-times-a-week approach. It was a good plan and we did pretty well for a year or two.

Then you wonder…are we saying the same stuff as we said last November? And if we are, does anybody remember? Probably not. Hell, if we couldn’t remember and it was our blog…we were pretty sure that our readers didn’t keep mental track.

And then life happened. There were wedding details. There were kayaks to paddle. There were real jobs to get done. There were vacations to plan and take. There were tributes to write for old friends who had left this world. There were brothers to worry about and visit in the hospital. (he’s fine!) And there was stinking hot, humid weather All. The. Time. Sure we grew up in humid southern Ontario…but come on.

But enough about us. We wanna get back to sharing the stuff we love with all of you.

Stuff like…

  • a cupboard full of homemade, local jam
  • baby blankets knit for your first grandchild-to-be

So, we might repeat ourselves every 18 months or so…with a slightly different twist and new picture. Thanks for travelling along with us.

Be well.



My renewed interest in podcasts coincided with upgrading our phone plan to unlimited data. I can now listen on my phone anywhere without going through the steps of downloading the podcast to my computer and then updating my old ipod. (I know, first world problem!)

I have been enjoying Women Who Travel and Travelogue by Conde Nast Travel. And my daughter-in-law-to-be’s mother (thanks Leslie) just sent me a link to the blog Modern Mrs Marcy and her podcast What Should I Read Next? I realized there must be dozens of podcasts about reading so I googled it and came across a link to 25 More Outstanding Podcasts for Readers. I took a quick look at one of the suggestions, Book Club Appetizer and noticed a they had an episode about A Gentleman in Moscow. I am 38% of the way through the book and wasn’t planning to pick it up again except for a friend and former book group member told me to stick with it. (Thanks Eliza) So, I am going to listen to the episode and see if it convinces me to finish the book. I’ll let you know!

What have you been listening to?


breaking out of the slumps

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front the last few weeks. I doubt we’re alone in this slight slump. Anybody else feeling it? That winter-is-almost-over, longer-days-are-almost-here kinda thing.

Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to try and haul our sorry butts out of the winter doldrums.

  1. Take a gentle yoga class.
  2. Take a drive and look for migrating swans and ducks.
  3. Fake it and make a summer salad full of grated veggies.
  4. Give yourself a day (or two) on the couch to just watch mindless stuff.
  5. Sign up for an online course.
  6. Keep moving.

More soon. We promise.



having a word with 2018

We’re picking a word for the year again – to ponder, spend time with, remember about, and maybe a way to act or be.

I think I have two words. One to inspire and one to guide. To inspire I choose read. I have gotten quite completely out of the habit of reading. Does that ring true with any of you? Our shorter attention span, stress-up lives, a new iPad and perhaps a little Netflix affliction have taken my attention away from focusing on words and storylines and new ideas.

My other work to guide is joy. A recent post circulating on Facebook asked friends to post a word that started with their name. There were probably some other instructions but I’ve forgotten them…but I did post joy. And I thought that would be a nice word to  carry around this year. CJR

And I chose the word explore. I want to see and do and discover. I have launched my kids, I have volunteered, I have worked. Now I want to explore! As for a word that starts with the same letter as my name…can I chose a few? Happy, healthy, hilarious. HAR

Happy New Year



late summer list

I was walking the dog last night after work. Summer has returned to Ontario in that perfect way that only happens near the end of the season. Warm, sunny days and almost duvet nights.

As I coaxed the dog along with a steady supply of liver treats, I was thinking about how much I love this time of year.  I was making a list in my head and thought I’d share them here.

  • the bugs are done
  • my brown-eyed susan patch adds more brightness to the shortening days
  • butterflies are scurrying around to fill up on energy from the butterfly bush
  • the first time you need to put a sweater on as evening falls
  • shifting meal ideas to soups and stews and roasts
  • dusting off my knitting that sat quietly in the corner all summer
  • canning tomatoes and beets, and freezing endless cobs of corn

Enjoy the waning summer days, wherever you are.






a brush with fame

I initially thought we would spend the night in Burlington, VT on our way to Quebec City but after looking at a map we decided on Manoir Hovey in the Eastern Townships of Quebec for one night to break up the driving. If you are a Louise Penny fan you will know about the Inn from reading A Rule Against Murder. Louise lives very near Manoir Hovey and the Inn offers a Vive Gamache! Getaway Package.

A few days before we left, my mom forwarded me an article from a Toronto paper that said Hillary Clinton was a fan of Louise Penny and Hillary, Bill and Chelsea had been invited to Manoir Hovey as guests of Louise Penny. Our dates overlapped. You see where this is going, right?!

The secret service tried to be discreet, dressing in polo shirts and shorts, but those curly wires coming out of their ear were a dead giveaway. The front desk staff were also discreet but confirmed that special guests were on site.

We went for a walk and decided to have a drink on the patio overlooking the lake.

And there they were. Hillary, Bill and Louise! Enjoying the same view of Lake Massawippi that we were. They stopped to chat with guests as they left. I told Hillary I voted for her. I told Bill I voted for him too. He said “bless you.”


Our brush with fame!