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friday favourite –

My friend Leslie, who lives near San Francisco and knows about all the cool stuff, sent me some pens from the store Muji last year. One just opened in Boston and I went there this week. The store is open and light and organized and has so many fun things…it’s my friday favourite!



friday favourite – Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an eyeglass store with a cool way to shop if you can’t get to one of their retail stores. (They have a store in Toronto for our Canadian readers) You select 5 frames for 5 days to try on at home and they will ship them to you free. It’s a fun way to change your look at a reasonable price for prescription glasses. Below is my latest pair and why they are my friday favourite!




handbags and purses

I always called it a purse. In New England it is more commonly referred to as a handbag. Whatever you call it, many of us have a thing for them. Unfortunately, when I tire of one bag, I rarely pull it out again and it lives at the bottom of my closet with the other has-beens.

For the last few years I have been all about the  cross-body handbag. It feels more secure and distributes the weight across my shoulders better. I have been using a Baggallini Horizon Crossbody for awhile and like that I can fit my phone and glasses in the two front pockets for easy access and then my wallet fits in the main compartment and not much else!

But…I wanted a crossbody bag that was a little bit smaller for traveling. (This is how it starts and why so many women have a purse/handbag graveyard in their closet!) Baggallini make one that would do the trick but I decided to branch out. I found the perfect bag made by Osgoode Marley. It’s called the Sasha Crossbody and it’s black nylon but has a lime green interior! They make the same bag in leather, it’s called the Horizon Crossbody. I found the bag at a favourite shoe store in Brookline, MA called Simon Shoes.


So now I am all set…until the next handbag steals my heart.



Hudson Bay stripes

Canadian followers will know about the iconic stripes of the Hudson Bay Company. Canada’s first and longest merchant began business in 1670 – and you can read more of the history here.

We started giving the classic wool blankets as wedding gifts to nieces and nephews when that generation began to get married. The classic point blankets come in various colours – including the striped version below, red with black stripes and grey with black stripes. There is a rich history to their woolen warmth. Made in English, they were traded by the company (along with other goods) for beaver pelts from native fur traders.

We have recreated the four stripe pattern on handknit throws.


And we’re slowly buying up the various totes and throws they sell to spread the stripes across the continent.

Although now U.S. owned, the Hudson Bay stripes continue to stand out in a crowd.