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airport shopping

HAR and I were in the same city for three days recently. What a treat! We talked about blog  ideas, trips we want to take, we shopped and somehow got on the topic of what we like to buy at airports when we are on the road to somewhere.

I could have three books in my carryover – wishful thinking of how I might spend some time on the plane or wherever I’m headed – and yet, I love buying a book at the airport. I don’t know what it is. There are rarely new titles that I’ve never seen before or couldn’t buy at home, or take out of the local library. But I’m drawn to the stacked stashes of new releases. And it’s not like it’s a bargain. But there I am, shelling out holiday cash to pick up a new paperback along with a side of gum and maybe a roll of fruit mentos for plane nibbling.

For HAR, it’s reading glasses. She’s got a pair in every room, every bag, in the car and then some.

Do you have airport purchase habits?


friday favourite –

My friend Leslie, who lives near San Francisco and knows about all the cool stuff, sent me some pens from the store Muji last year. One just opened in Boston and I went there this week. The store is open and light and organized and has so many fun things…it’s my friday favourite!



a few good pieces

There’s an interesting shift happening in our closets.


We have focused on what to wear for ever, like most of you. From the matching outfits our mother sewed for us, to Friday night’s spent sewing a new summer dress pattern. Some of them were flattering. But mostly I think of long, flowing, shapeless outfits. We probably liked it that way – don’t want to draw to much attention to an actual shape. Oh no.

And by the time we get comfortable in our own skin, we’re into our 4th or 5th decade and we look around the closet and realize that what really works is a few good pieces. A cut of pants that work. Tops of a certain length. Sweaters. Jewellery. A dress or two. Repeat.

It’s kind of what men have done for centuries. A suit that fits, a few white shirts and accessorize with the tie and socks.

But it’s not plain. It seems to be stylish and smart. And takes so much of the angst out of wandering through online pages or heaven forbid, the mall!

Here are some of favourite few pieces right now.

Krazy Larry pants and capris, just about anything from Lilla P , and everyday Ts and undershirts from UNI QLO



100% satisfaction guaranteed

I have had two recent examples of retailers totally embracing their promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When it happens, it is amazing and I feel a little guilty, like I am cheating. If something breaks after a reasonable amount of use, that’s just life, right?!  Not so with LLBean and KitchenAid! They now have my loyalty for life!

We purchased Adirondack chairs from LLBean many years ago, as in more than 8 years and I didn’t keep any record of the purchase. Two of the three wooden chairs have fallen apart. We were trying to figure out how to get rid of them when we decided to call LLBean. They said “return them and we will replace them for free.” We said WHAT?! They repeated their promise…

We believe in 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We took a drive last weekend to the LLBean store an hour from our home (don’t worry you can ship things back if you don’t live near LLBean). We showed up with two chairs totally disassembled in the trunk of the car. A salesclerk helped us carry in the broken pieces, processed our return and placed the order for two new chairs! Wow! We almost ran out of the store since it felt like stealing!

Let me tell you about KitchenAid!

Crafted to Carry The Load

I had a KitchenAid for many years and when it died about 5 years ago, I replaced it. That was my first mistake…I should have called KitchenAid right then and there. The 5 year old mixer never worked right. Parts rattled and bolts came loose. Recently I was in Bed Bath and Beyond looking at the mixers and a clerk asked if he could help me. I explained my problem and he said “bring it in, KitchenAid stands by their product, we will replace it.” Again I said “WHAT?!” And the clerk repeated himself. I went home, packed up the mixer and hurried back that day since I was sure the clerk would realize his error if I waited. Not so, they replaced it on the spot and KitchenAid was running a rebate promotion so I got an additional $30 off the mixer.

Like they say, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. And they mean it!