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unexpected time off

Due to budget cuts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am currently on a 12 week furlough. I had three days to tie up all loose ends before my computer was shut down.

I work part-time and we won’t starve without my income, but it is part of my identity. I like the mission of Reach Out and Read, the non-profit pediatric literacy program I worked for. Hell, even Nick Kristof of the NYTimes likes Reach Out and Read!

So I am re-grouping and figuring out what to do with my unexpected time off. After the initial shock wore off I started generating ideas. I pulled out my moleskin notebook and fancy new pen and started making a list!

I own at least 30 various cookbooks. I am going to find a recipe I have never made in each one of them (or as many as I can) and develop some new favourites for the dinner rotation.

I am going to visit the wonderful Worcester Art Museum on a weekday and take a docent tour, just like I would do if I were visiting another city.

I have a membership to Tower Hill Botanic Garden and want to visit and take a winter walk there. Maybe I will even meet my co-worker ACC!

I am going through my closet with a ruthless eye (the way my sister does when she looks in my closet!) and donating all those sentimental clothes and T-shirts that I never wear.

And I am going to walk MAX more often and for longer distances. He is going to appreciate my unexpected time off.