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friday favourite – SLO

I bought a beautiful pair of new mittens over the holidays. It was a cold day, and I was a personal shopper guide for a friend or relative looking for Christmas gifts. Which meant that I saw something I wanted, in between recommending a gift for someone else.

I stumbled on beautiful, handcrafted mittens by SLO. The tag told me they were made out of up to four carefully selected wool and wool blend sweaters, and that the were locally sourced and manufactured.

A quick visit to their website filled in the rest — “…use extra, unwanted and second-hand fabrics to make functional, useful, everyday products and accessories. Each item is made by hand using reclaimed fabrics when possible.”

I love wearing functional art.


a few good pieces

There’s an interesting shift happening in our closets.


We have focused on what to wear for ever, like most of you. From the matching outfits our mother sewed for us, to Friday night’s spent sewing a new summer dress pattern.¬†Some of them were flattering. But mostly I think of long, flowing, shapeless outfits. We probably liked it that way – don’t want to draw to much attention to an actual shape. Oh no.

And by the time we get comfortable in our own skin, we’re into our 4th or 5th decade and we look around the closet and realize that what really works is a few good pieces. A cut of pants that work. Tops of a certain length. Sweaters. Jewellery. A dress or two. Repeat.

It’s kind of what men have done for centuries. A suit that fits, a few white shirts and accessorize with the tie and socks.

But it’s not plain. It seems to be stylish and smart. And takes so much of the angst out of wandering through online pages or heaven forbid, the mall!

Here are some of favourite few pieces right now.

Krazy Larry pants and capris, just about anything from Lilla P , and everyday Ts and undershirts from UNI QLO



friday favourite – BUFF headbands

I have been letting my hair grow and needed something to hold the dreaded wings down. When I asked around for headband recommendations for someone with thick hair, I kept being told to check out BUFF. I went to their website and watched a 2-minute video that showed me 10 different ways to wear the headband! According to their marketing, this headband appears to be the most important item to pack when traveling!


I bought two — a half headwear and a headband. I like them. They are my friday favourite.