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friday favourite – graffiti

You likely won’t find us with spray paint “arting” up railcars…but we’ve learned some cool graffiti writing in our Creative Lettering course that is this week’s Friday favourite.







stress-free sketching

I’ve always loved the idea of sketching. From afar. Wishing my hand would flow freely and loosely over the page. For years I’ve been buying local art. Loving to look at it. Never really imagining I might be able to create just a little piece of my own.

And then we found Sketchbook Skool through a friend. An interesting and accessible way to learn sketchbook journalling with a range of artist instructors.

The entire course is delivered online. Every Friday, for six weeks in a row, new video instruction is made available – samples of the instructors sketchbooks, tips and techniques, and a homework assignment.

We did our first course about a year and a half ago. And I got hooked. Big time. Danny Gregory’s style really stuck with me – and I’ve read a couple of his books Art Before Breakfast and A Kiss Before You Go. And my sister and I took a second six-week course from artist Jane LaFazio who had been one of the instructors from our first go round.

What I really like about Sketchbook Skool is the Friday night lesson timing. It was a great way to end the week, leaving paid work stress behind and getting lost in the pages of the artist-of-the-week’s sketchbooks. And as I worked at the “draw what you see, not what you know” sketching mantra…I realized that while I sketched, everything else disappeared.

And I had a new reason to buy more notebooks, new pens, watercolour sets, brushes…and even more notebooks.

Here’s a little gallery from last year and a half of sketchbook journalling.