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stuff we love…to really dislike

Last week, I “chatted” with people for five nights in a row at my internet provider to try and make adjustments to my plan to cover I’m-a-new-netflix binger. Yes, I finally got netflix. And yes, there are still some of us who don’t have unlimited internet plans in Canada.


Signing in to a “live chat” became my nightly ritual. I even did a scribbled sketch about it on day 3 of the chatty week as I sat waiting…because I thought three days and three calls was getting ridiculous.

By Friday night (day 5), I finally dialed in to chat to a live person. Funny thing. He told me that all the other information I’d received – on the four previous nights from Hi my name’s Stella, Mitch, Michael and more – was incorrect. I smell a training opportunity.

I don’t know if I should trust the live voice. But I’m back online with nothing to love about the growing trend of live chats to get information. I’ve also heard (maybe I’m the last to know) that they are most likely staffed by bots anyhow. Customer service fail.




friday favourite – speed river bicycle

So my mountain bike was pretty hot shit when I bought it, ahhh, 20+ years ago. Or so I thought. I paid a good price from a local bike shop and while I don’t ride a lot, it always had a nice warm home on my front porch (to give the illusion that I hopped on it every morning to ride to work) or tucked away in my new backyard shed.


My trainer has been encouraging me to pull it out of storage and get back on. I did a few weeks ago. Loved it. And then the front shifter wouldn’t let me get out of low gear – I thanked it for not sticking in high gear.

I rode it to the local bike shop, feeling a little sheepish at its age among all the shiny new things. They politely said it would need the full tune up.

I just picked it up and rode home in smooth style. For $85 and a smile, my old bike is all tuned up. The sales guy even added “it’s a good bike.”


I especially loved the line on the receipt that said to give it a “clean up and make nice” which is probably mostly what it needed.


Thanks Speed River Bicycle.


100% satisfaction guaranteed

I have had two recent examples of retailers totally embracing their promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When it happens, it is amazing and I feel a little guilty, like I am cheating. If something breaks after a reasonable amount of use, that’s just life, right?!  Not so with LLBean and KitchenAid! They now have my loyalty for life!

We purchased Adirondack chairs from LLBean many years ago, as in more than 8 years and I didn’t keep any record of the purchase. Two of the three wooden chairs have fallen apart. We were trying to figure out how to get rid of them when we decided to call LLBean. They said “return them and we will replace them for free.” We said WHAT?! They repeated their promise…

We believe in 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We took a drive last weekend to the LLBean store an hour from our home (don’t worry you can ship things back if you don’t live near LLBean). We showed up with two chairs totally disassembled in the trunk of the car. A salesclerk helped us carry in the broken pieces, processed our return and placed the order for two new chairs! Wow! We almost ran out of the store since it felt like stealing!

Let me tell you about KitchenAid!

Crafted to Carry The Load

I had a KitchenAid for many years and when it died about 5 years ago, I replaced it. That was my first mistake…I should have called KitchenAid right then and there. The 5 year old mixer never worked right. Parts rattled and bolts came loose. Recently I was in Bed Bath and Beyond looking at the mixers and a clerk asked if he could help me. I explained my problem and he said “bring it in, KitchenAid stands by their product, we will replace it.” Again I said “WHAT?!” And the clerk repeated himself. I went home, packed up the mixer and hurried back that day since I was sure the clerk would realize his error if I waited. Not so, they replaced it on the spot and KitchenAid was running a rebate promotion so I got an additional $30 off the mixer.

Like they say, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. And they mean it!