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friday favourite – captain cooper


Pets are priceless, and my golden Cooper just became worth a lot more to me. Less than a week ago he came down with a nasty bout of pneumonia. Yes, pneumonia. In a dog.

After three long days and nights in an emergency vet clinic on a cocktail of oxygen, IV fluids and antibiotics, he’s home, resting up for when warm weather finally arrives. He is always my favourite, and this week’s friday favourite because he is on the mend!



friday favourite – goldens

There really is only one dog breed that joins our family. There were always two golden retrievers (a white face one and younger pup) lying by the fireplace when we were growing up. And as adults, we’ve gone through our share of goldens. Here’s a nod to Duchess, Honey, Lucy, Roxy, Linus, Conor, Zenga, Rufus, Max, Cooper, Ruby, Duffy and so many more.

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