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friday favourite – fivefork farms

My spring flower share just started last week and it is such a great way to welcome spring! Fivefork Farms displays  a passion for growing,  arranging, and selling flowers that makes it a treat to go to the market and pick up my share each week. I usually end up buying more flowers…they are my friday favourite!


friday favourite – flower CSA again!

Below is the email from Grace at FiveFork Farms for my flowers this week. I am loving going to the market on Saturday morning to pick up my flower share and get her great emails. Can’t wait to sign up for next year!

Daffodils, also called by their botanical name ‘Narcissus’, are typically the first blooms to usher in spring here in Boston. We’re all familiar with the standard bright yellow “King Alfred” daffodil with its signature large trumpeted cup, but what you are receiving in your share does not resemble that characteristic form whatsoever. We hope you’ll be delighted by how unique these flowers are!



friday favourite – CSA flower share

Last Saturday was the first pick-up of my flower share! Gorgeous two-toned violet and blue hyacinths – a variety called “Miss Saigon”- a favorite of the folks at Fivefork Farms for the intensity of color and their sweet fragrance.

I resisted the temptation to purchase additional flowers but enjoyed the beautiful colours on display at the market.