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summer starts in Canada

It’s May two-four weekend. Victoria Day. The first weekend when we start to celebrate summer. Named in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday, it also shares the honourable distinction of referring to what use to be the standard size of a case of beer in Canada.

The risk of frost is “usually” gone and gardeners flock to nurseries like beer bugs to a vat of Labatt’s. Weeds come out. Mulch goes down. Fireworks go off.  And BBQs buzz with the ceremonious sizzling of steak to bring on the few short months that make up summer.

Here’s what happened around my yard this long weekend.

Thanks Victoria for a memorable break in your honour.


there’s a pro for that

I love supporting the local economy, and not just with food, books, yarn. When I need help with something around my house, that I don’t know how to do or don’t really want to learn that skill…I turn to a pro.

That pro is often my brother who built a beautiful garden shed, and just installed my new clothesline:-).

studio lights

That pro is sometimes a friend who just loves to prune my decades-old lilac bush.


That pro might be a friend who cuts my grass. Or the pro who built a path to my shed by reusing the materials he installed about 15 years ago.


Or the pro who designs beautiful paths and places in the yard.


I love sharing the workload…with people that love to do what I don’t. They are good at it. And it helps the local economy keep churning too.


the soil is alive

I gave myself a week or so to get used to the spring forward time. And now, it feels like this fantastic transitional time of year. The darker mornings aren’t great, but after work I actually want to walk the dog. And I’ve noticed as we do our loop around the neighbourhood, I’m walking taller and happier. Could be the years of yoga, regular massages and weekly trainer…but I’m going to give the spring season the credit.

And although I wouldn’t really call myself a gardener…I completely understand the itching to get your fingers in the dirt and start digging and planning and scheming about what will grow this year. For me, it starts with cleaning up the dog poop that has been aging under the snow all winter! But after that’s done, I’m actually thinking (like I do every spring) about what I might, possibly, maybe do in the garden and yard this year.

So step outside. Take a deep breath (or three) and soak up all the new sunshine and warmer weather headed our way. And enjoying what is springing up in the soil.

Happy vernal equinox!