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friday favourite – unexpected gifts

A regular reader of our blog sent us each a cool Scandinavian dishcloth from a company called Jangneus.fullsizerender

I can’t wait to get the cloth wet, it looks like fun! And particularly special since it was totally unexpected. Great sketching and doodling patterns too! Thanks KL!


friday favourite – watercolour cards


We are loving sketching on gift cards. Sometimes we find an image or pattern we like, and do a little production line of cards. We’ve already featured these little beach houses from an Australian wine label, but it’s one of our favourites.

Strathmore makes great watercolour cards in lots of sizes. The small gift card size is the least intimidating as it sits there all white and plain, waiting for a sketch. It’s this week’s Friday favourite.


Hudson Bay stripes

Canadian followers will know about the iconic stripes of the Hudson Bay Company. Canada’s first and longest merchant began business in 1670 – and you can read more of the history here.

We started giving the classic wool blankets as wedding gifts to nieces and nephews when that generation began to get married. The classic point blankets come in various colours – including the striped version below, red with black stripes and grey with black stripes. There is a rich history to their woolen warmth. Made in English, they were traded by the company (along with other goods) for beaver pelts from native fur traders.

We have recreated the four stripe pattern on handknit throws.


And we’re slowly buying up the various totes and throws they sell to spread the stripes across the continent.

Although now U.S. owned, the Hudson Bay stripes continue to stand out in a crowd.



a quick hat update

A few weeks ago I wrote about a quick hat I made and offered to make one for any one who was interested. I knit three of them and shipped them off to CA, NYC and Ontario!IMG_3246_2

The only ‘payment’ was a picture of the recipient wearing the hat! Here they are, including a sketch by Leslie in CA. Hats off (or on) to them!


 Nadine in Ontario, Tessa in NYC and Leslie in CA.


watch me

My first watch was a Timex. It had a rectangular face and blue faux leather straps. I thought I was pretty cool in grade school.

My first job after high school, before I started university, had a clear, defined purpose. I wanted to save up enough money to buy my first swanky, adult watch. It was $200 and I shoveled poultry poop at a university lab for months so I could invest in, what I thought, was a pretty handsome status symbol on my wrist.

That was probably the start of my little obsession with time pieces.

When I travel, it is often watches that I seek out. I have a red leather Mondaine that I bought in Geneva. A Raymond Weil gift for my 50th. And two cool Swatch watches from a little shop in Santa Margherita where the staff only spoke Italian…there was lots of pointing and smiling.

I was at a conference recently, and Jason Dorsey made a presentation about the differences between the generations, in the workplace. It’s a hot topic as there are now more generations working in one place than ever before. And apparently, we’re different! He was kidding the audience about some of the differences between baby boomers and millenials. Apparently, millenials never wear watches.More cool time pieces for the rest of us.