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grandma’s slippers

Did you have a pair of slippers that your grandma made you sometime in the 60s? Chunky, usually made of washable acrylic yarn and with an easy garter stitch pattern…slippers

They are back in vogue in a retro kinda way. A friend of mine showed me a pair her mother-in-law had made and said her kids were nostalgic for them…she wondered if I could re-create the slippers.

It took about three minutes to find dozens of patterns on-line! And in about an hour I made a sample slipper to show her, using up left-over yarn.fullsizeoutput_a3bdI found instructions and a youtube video by someone called Crafty Patti in case you want to take a trip down memory lane, make a pair and┬ákeep your feet warm in the winter. I’m going to make myself a pair and I just might re-create the hot pink pair Grandma made me — complete with pom-poms!



k1 p2

Grandma taught all the girls in the family to knit. One of our brothers also learned – but from an ingenious grade-school teacher in the 1970s.

Grandma was a knitting machine. She knit fast. She walked fast. No flies on her.

I started on scarves. Did a few Barbie doll sleeping bags. And even tackled a fair isle sweater for a high school beau. When my inexperience carrying a second colour meant he couldn’t fit it over his head…Grandma fixed it (I have no idea how) in a heartbeat.

The knitting DNA kicked in somewhere in my 30s. Grandma was gone and we had to figure out how to turn a heel on a sock, and knit together a sweater.

This season’s project involves delicious Brooklyn Tweed. Grandma would never have paid this much for yarn. But I think she’d approve of my technique.